Basic Difference Between CBD E-Liquid and CBD Oil

Ever since science discovered the CBD benefits the perception of people towards cannabis products has totally changed. The plant that was once considered an ugly plant has now become a source of this wonder compound called CBD that can cure several health problems.

Now CBD is available in various form like chewable gummies, medical tablets, creams, and several other products. Since many big companies have come out with different cannabis-related products, vaping also has become an effective option.

Now CBD e-liquid is available to enable vaping of CBD and at the same time, CBD is also available as CBD oil. Now, what is CBD vape juice?What is the difference between CBD oil and this CBD vape juice? Let us try to find their differences in this article.


It consists of the following 3 main ingredients:

  1. VG (Vegetable Glycerin)

It is a clear, thick, and naturally available substance that may have a little sweet flavor. Also, this vegetable glycerin is primarily responsible for producing the “clouds” that users normally exhale while vaping.

  1. PG (Propylene Glycol)

Propylene Glycol is also a clear substance, but it is much thinner, which is made synthetically to produce more throat hits. However, PG is non-toxic and also can be safely consumed by humans. This liquid has got no flavor, hence it can be better for highlighting terpenes or flavors that are often used.

  1. CBD (Cannabidiol)

In the plant of marijuana, CBD is one main active ingredient along with its other well-known cousin called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As such CBD is non-psychoactive. So one can consume CBD safely without causing the “high” or euphoric effect that most people may experience while using THC.

CBD vape juice or e-liquids are generally related to vaping of CBD. A certain vaporizer is used for vaping where CBD vape juice is an integral part. There are batteries available within the vaporizer e.g. vape pen or e-cigarette where these juices are heated up to generate the required vapor.


CBD Oil is the most popular product of CBD and the reputation of CBD faced plenty of controversies ever since CBD Oil was used for various activities related to certain legalities with the higher authorities.

However, that did not deter the developers to developing various stimulating products. So far only this CBD oil has been able to answer the prayer of many people, particularly among the masses in the USA.

CBD is one ancient plant that is a part of the Cannabinoids family. Its extracted substances are taken to our system on many different levels. Products that are involving CBD oil usually contain the hemp plant’s above-ground parts, which will include a very little amount of THC  too.

CBD oil is commonly packaged with a bottle along with a handy dropper. Normally, it is consumed in a sublingual manner (Few drops under the tongue) to get its therapeutic benefits. CBD oil may take around 15 minutes to half-hour time to take the effect and may remain for 5 to 6 hours.

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